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Dad’s Spicy Instant Pot Chili

So, we are currently living in San Diego, CA.– let me know you… it got HOT this last few weeks. San Diego hot, but STILL hot. It ALSO happened to be Mother’s Day weekend (in the US) and I MIIIIIIIGHT have mentioned that I… Continue Reading “Dad’s Spicy Instant Pot Chili”

Air Fried Pizza Pockets

The biggest problem with this recipe is… you won’t have leftovers! Everyone loves a good pizza pocket, even better when you are able to make your own. You gotta know, I am all about saving money and this is JUST the type of recipe… Continue Reading “Air Fried Pizza Pockets”

Instant Pot Mississippi Meat Balls

Maybe 7 or 8 years ago, a friend at work brought Mississippi Pot Roast to a Pot Luck at work. I Immediately fell in love. I Figured out a Mississippi Pot Roast of my own with my friend’s guidance and soon later I had… Continue Reading “Instant Pot Mississippi Meat Balls”

Instant Pot Penne Lasagna

We have gotten a TON of requests for this recipe since it launched on YouTube and TikTok. I honestly didn’t know TikTok was such a land for foodies. I will spare you the long drawn out “here’s my life story before you get to… Continue Reading “Instant Pot Penne Lasagna”

Instant Pot Mac & Cheese (with Polish Sausages)

It was my birthday not too long ago, and I was fortunate enough for Dave to make me mac and cheese. Why not go carb heavy on your birthday! Like the amazing husband he is, he delivered! Like the perfectionist he is, he told… Continue Reading “Instant Pot Mac & Cheese (with Polish Sausages)”

Instant Pot Hawaiian Kalua Chicken

Instant Pot Hawaiian Kalua Chicken

Instant Pot Sweet Sesame Chicken

Instant Pot Sweet Sesame Chicken