Air Fried Pizza Pockets

The biggest problem with this recipe is… you won’t have leftovers! Everyone loves a good pizza pocket, even better when you are able to make your own. You gotta know, I am all about saving money and this is JUST the type of recipe to do this.

A few tips and tricks with this recipe, if you check out the video below you will notice that we got really excited and overfilled out pockets. It took some stretching and manipulating but we were able to close everything up (like a little dumpling), but you can save yourself a little frustration by stretching your dough before adding your ingredients.

The only other thing I want to say about this one is this is a perfect “beginning” recipe for those kids who are interesting in cooking. Or kids that are on the younger side and need a recipe that is simple and easy to be creative with.

Honestly, this one could be as simple as dough + cheese + pepperoni.


Pillsbury Grands Croissants
4 String Cheese Sticks
Small Jar Pizza Sauce
1/4 Onion Sliced
1/4 Red Bell Pepper Sliced
1 Smoked Sausage Sliced
4 Slices Pepperoni Sliced
4 Slices Salami Sliced
1/4 tsp Italian Seasoning


  1. Cut String Cheese Sticks into thirds
  2. Slice 1/4 Onion as desired
  3. Slice 1/4 Red Bell Pepper
  4. Slice 1 Smoked Sausage
  5. Cut 4 Pepperoni Slices into Eighths
  6. Cut 4 Salami Slices into Eighths
  7. Unroll and arrange Pillsbury Grand Croissant Triangles on your counter or workspace
  8. Add one piece of string cheese to the big side of each triangle
  9. Add ~1 tsp pizza sauce
  10. Split onion, red bell pepper, smoked sausage, pepperoni, and salami among the triangles (or your own blend of ingredients)
  11. Sprinkle with Italian Seasoning
  12. Carefully roll/form dough around toppings
  13. Preheat your Air Fryer to 400 Degrees
  14. Oil Basket, place Pizza Pockets into Air Fry Basket, Spray with Oil
  15. Air Fry @ 400 Degrees for 5 minutes
  16. Spray with Oil, Carefully flip Pizza Pockets, spray with oil
  17. Air Fry @ 370 Degrees for another 5 minutes
  18. Temp and time can be changed according to your Air Fryer and how crispy you like them I like them pretty crispy so I start with 400 degrees but you can stick with 370 degrees the whole time but a little longer you just risk boiling the insides and loosing some sauce and cheese to the bottom of the Air Fry Basket

We ate these “as is”, but the possibilities for dipping sauces are endless. We have tried: more pizza sauce, ranch, melted butter with garlic, hot sauce… just to name a few.

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