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RV Campground – Faunt Le Roy RV Park

We had a fantastic time camped at Faunt Le Roy Park and recomend it to all campers and RVers.

Big Bend of The Colorado RiveR, Camping

TheWildWaynes’ Adventure begins with a trip to the Big Bend of the Colorado River Campground in Nevada. My wife, four year old son, two year old daughter and myself have been hunkered down in Escondido, CA for a year and a half, waiting for… Continue Reading “Big Bend of The Colorado RiveR, Camping”

How to Replace Your RV Vent Fan

How to replace your RV roof vent fan. Here is a detailed list of instruction with pictures. Have you ever been been stuck inside where it’s hotter than the outside? It can be pretty horrible, but there is a solution. A vent fan! Most… Continue Reading “How to Replace Your RV Vent Fan”

RV Water Heater Flush with Anode Replacement

Why do you flush out your RV Water Heater? With our experience living in our 5th wheel for almost a year and a half, flush out your RV hot water heater at least one time per year is absolutely necessary. Unless your hot water… Continue Reading “RV Water Heater Flush with Anode Replacement”

How to Replace your RV Toilet

My day to replace a RV Toilet begins with a good piece of a Sunday to myself. My wife took the kids down to her parent’s house for some fun while I plan on having a couple beers and watching a movie that was… Continue Reading “How to Replace your RV Toilet”

Oil/Wax a Wood Cutting Board for longevity!

Oil and Wax A Wooden Cutting Board

When I finally got into a good groove with my YouTube channel and spent the majority of my weeks cooking, I knew I needed to “up” my tools. I started with a knife and after receiving it, I quickly jumped onto Etsy to buy… Continue Reading “Oil/Wax a Wood Cutting Board for longevity!”

Have Fun While Social Distancing!

This post is NOT well thought out, it’s probably not even that well organized. I have been seeing so many amazing resources shared on Facebook and Instagram… but when I got back to find them, they are buried under memes and work from home… Continue Reading “Have Fun While Social Distancing!”

Learning how to emotionally let go as you downsize.

Learning how to emotionally let go of your things as you downsize