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It really is fitting that our travel story started on a road trip. The seeds of this adventure did start several years earlier. However, the magic happened on a trip to Texas from California (before Hailey was even a thought). Dave and I started talking and dreaming. Interested? This is all about us, The Wild Waynes.

While planning our honeymoon Dave looked at me one night and asked what I thought about renting an RV. He was thinking about heading to Big Sur. How could I resist? I had always loved camping, and our first overnight date was a camping trip, so it was oh so fitting. We were obsessed. Chatting for hours on the ride to and from our campsite about how we wanted this life for us and our kids. A life outside full of adventure.

Our Honeymoon in Big Sur (2014)

Dave and I both were born into a family of travelers. Although I didn’t travel in an RV like Dave did, I did spend many a day in a car traveling through the U.S.A. You’d think that I would be sick of it, but all it did was fill me full of amazing memories and give me a perspective of the world. That is a perspective that I will forever appreciate.

About The Wild Waynes Rig

When Hailey was 4 weeks old we happened to find an unbelievably perfect dullay located in Texas. With a new baby it was hard to see Dave off. But as you can imagine, we were super excited. Knowing that getting the truck was the first step in our adventure. Dave arrived home with “Ferdinand”, our 2014 Ram 3500 Laramie Longhorn Dually.

Dave finally getting home after being away for almost a week picking up Ferd

We had been hunting for AGES for a perfect trailer. There were a couple of things that we realllllly wanted and were having a hard time thinking about “tiny living life” without them. Our non-negotiables were: a bathtub, two slide outs, and 28-32 feet. Wouldn’t you know it… we found the trailer we currently live in less than 15 minutes away from our old brick and mortar home. It honesty was kismet. After some thought, we named our trailer Loraine (any other Back to the Future fans here?) she is a 2002 Lakota by McKenzie Made by Monica Coach. We love our new home!

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