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Instant Pot Swedish Meatloaf

Swedish Meatloaf

I have been hunting for a new bed for Harrison in the trailer. He is currently playing on and sleeping on the Nugget Couch. So, off to IKEA I go hunting for something that is kid and fifth-wheel space friendly. I did find an… Continue Reading “Instant Pot Swedish Meatloaf”

Instant Pot Mississippi Meat Balls

Maybe 7 or 8 years ago, a friend at work brought Mississippi Pot Roast to a Pot Luck at work. I Immediately fell in love. I Figured out a Mississippi Pot Roast of my own with my friend’s guidance and soon later I had… Continue Reading “Instant Pot Mississippi Meat Balls”

Instant Pot Penne Lasagna

We have gotten a TON of requests for this recipe since it launched on YouTube and TikTok. I honestly didn’t know TikTok was such a land for foodies. I will spare you the long drawn out “here’s my life story before you get to… Continue Reading “Instant Pot Penne Lasagna”