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Huli Huli Chicken Jerky in the Air Fryer

An in incredible chicken jerky made with chicken breast marinated in a rich, Huli Huli marinade. Lined up, the chicken breast slices are dried at 170°F for two hours in the air fryer. Treat yourself and make a couple pounds for yourself. Huli Huli… Continue Reading “Huli Huli Chicken Jerky in the Air Fryer”

RV Campground – Faunt Le Roy RV Park

We had a fantastic time camped at Faunt Le Roy Park and recomend it to all campers and RVers.

Air Fryer Pollo Asado

Our Air Fryer Pollo Asado dark meat is marinated in fresh lime and orange juice, Mexican seasonings, onion, and a ton of garlic. Use the air fryer to perfectly roast the chicken thighs in 20 minutes. Air Fryer Pollo Asado Marination Marinating chicken, like… Continue Reading “Air Fryer Pollo Asado”

Instant Pot Must Have Tools and Accessories

A list of tools and accessories you need to cook amazing dinners in your Instant Pot.

Cantonese Apricot Chicken in the Instant Pot

A whole chicken marinated in apricot preserves, garlic, soy sauce, and rice wine vinegar and stuffed with onions and lemon wedges. Then, the stuffed chicken is pressure cooked in the Instant Pot with the marinade, covered in an apricot glaze and crisped in the air fryer or broiler until golden brown.

Big Bend of The Colorado RiveR, Camping

TheWildWaynes’ Adventure begins with a trip to the Big Bend of the Colorado River Campground in Nevada. My wife, four year old son, two year old daughter and myself have been hunkered down in Escondido, CA for a year and a half, waiting for… Continue Reading “Big Bend of The Colorado RiveR, Camping”

Creamy Instant Pot Chicken Chili Verde

A flavor packed, cheesy and creamy Instant Pot chicken chili verde with chunks of fresh jalapenos, pasilla peppers, garlic, onion, salsa verde, and roasted diced tomatoes. Creamy Instant Pot Chicken Chili Verde We have a recipe for Instant Pot salsa cilantro shredded chicken thighs… Continue Reading “Creamy Instant Pot Chicken Chili Verde”

How to Replace Your RV Vent Fan

How to replace your RV roof vent fan. Here is a detailed list of instruction with pictures. Have you ever been been stuck inside where it’s hotter than the outside? It can be pretty horrible, but there is a solution. A vent fan! Most… Continue Reading “How to Replace Your RV Vent Fan”