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Air Fryer Popcorn Chicken – Quick and Easy!

A picture of Air Fried Chicken on a plate

I’ve always felt lucky that I have good eaters. My kids are not that picky. Push back is, of course, normal. We get our fair share of it and sometimes I am running on fumes and I want to put something in front of… Continue Reading “Air Fryer Popcorn Chicken – Quick and Easy!”

Copy Cat Chipotle Chicken in the Instant Pot

instant pot chicken chipotle

I wish I could just shout from the top of the trailer “copy cat chipotle chicken is SO GOOD!” Even better, it’s quick and easy in the Instant Pot. We are big on saving money. Moving into the trailer was not something we took… Continue Reading “Copy Cat Chipotle Chicken in the Instant Pot”

Instant Pot Mock Chicken Legs

Instant Pot Mock Chicken Legs

I know the world loves stories before recipes, and by world I mean google (haha). However, I sit here and I have a three year old begging to “type” on the iPad. So today’s story (as usual) is going to be pretty short. Which,… Continue Reading “Instant Pot Mock Chicken Legs”

Instant Pot Beer Can Chicken

Ingredients: 1 Whole Chicken 4-6 slices of butter 1/8 inch thick 1 Onion chopped 1 Can Chicken Broth RUB 1 Tbsp Flavor God Garlic Lovers (or Garlic Powder, I like the granulated garlic too) 1/2 tsp Onion Powder or Dehydrated Onions 1 tsp Paprika… Continue Reading “Instant Pot Beer Can Chicken”

Air Fried Char Siu Chicken Thighs

4 Garlic Cloves Chopped 3 Tbsp Hoisin Sauce 3 Tbsp Soy Sauce 1 Tbsp Sesame Oil 2 Tbsp Honey 1/4 tsp Black Pepper 1/2 tsp Five Spice or All Spice 2 Tbsp Brown Sugar 4 Chicken Thighs Bone In Skin On Instructions Mix all… Continue Reading “Air Fried Char Siu Chicken Thighs”

Cheesy Stuffed Chicken Breasts

3 Large Chicken Breasts Butterflied Cheese Filling 1/2 Cup Ricotta Cheese 1/2 Cup Freshly Shredded Mozzarella 2 Diced Garlic Cloves 1/4 Onion or 1 Green Onion Diced 1 Jalapeno Diced (Leave insides for HEAT) ~2 oz or 6-7 Slices of Salami Chopped 1 tsp… Continue Reading “Cheesy Stuffed Chicken Breasts”

Instant Pot Salsa Cilantro Shredded Chicken Thighs

We have been working hard at creating a cookbook. In some ways it is the gift that keeps on giving, because we get to revisit some of our favorite recipes. It also shows us how much we use one trusted recipe over and over… Continue Reading “Instant Pot Salsa Cilantro Shredded Chicken Thighs”

Instant Pot Asian Chicken Soup (“Ramen”)

Instant Pot Asian Chicken Soup, super fast & easy!