RV Campground – Faunt Le Roy RV Park

Faunt Le Roy Park is a Gatesville city park in Texas that doubles as a RV campground. Wake up looking over a beautiful field surrounded by old oak trees with grazing cattle. Or you can camp shaded under the old oak trees along Leon river.

Faunt Le Roy Park parking lot
Parking Lot and Space Number One

Faunt Le Roy RV Park

Faunt Le Roy Park spot one

Faunt Le Roy RV Park consists of 11 campsites along the southwest edge of the park. There are full hookups with 30 and 50 amps at each site. Prior to our stay, the river was running high and fast enough to knock out sites 6 – 11. We had the choice of spots 1 – 5.

Storm at Faunt Le Roy Park

There was only one other RV camped with us during our 11 days at Faunt Le Roy RV Park. 11 days is the maximum consecutive days allowed to camp at Faunt Le Roy RV Park.

Lightning lights up the night sky.
Night Lightning Storm

Our Stay at Faunt Le Roy RV Park

Faunt Le Roy Park spot one

We stayed at this park in the fall of 2021 in spot number one. It is the first campsite you come to on your right hand side. Our 32 foot 5th wheel was parked with the passenger side facing the neighboring pasture giving us an incredible view. Early in the morning, we had a sweet view of the neighbor’s cattle grazing through the pasture.

Faunt Le Roy Park spot one cattle grazing

We had plenty of room to set up our blow up pool so we could all cool off.

Plenty of room for a blow up pool next to our 5th wheel at Faunt Le Roy RV Park spot one

Faunt Le Roy Park

The road into Faunt Le Roy Park

Faunt Le Roy Park itself is fairly large. When you drive into the park, there is a very large open field on your left. After passing the field, you drive into the parking lot area with plenty of room for big gatherings.

Faunt Le Roy Park
Faunt Le Roy Park tire swing

Past the parking lot is the play ground with great equipment to play on. There are pavilions with plenty of picnic tables and large BBQ grills. They also have clean bathrooms. The playground equipment is dated but everything works perfectly.

Faunt Le Roy Park swings

Our young children had a ton of fun swinging, going down the tall steal slide, riding the marry go round, and spinning around on the large tire swings.

Faunt Le Roy Park marry go round
Faunt Le Roy Park slide

RV Camping Equipment We Used During Our 11 Day Stay

We parked our 32 foot 5th wheel with the passenger side facing the connections for sewer, water, and power so we could have our awning facing the beautiful view. Parked in this position, we needed to run our hoses and power cable under the trailer and about 5 feet into the grass.

Sewer Connections

The 20 foot Camco RhinoFLEX Sewer Hose Kit worked perfect. This kit comes with everything to make your RV sewer connections. If we did not have the 20 foot sewer hose, we would have had to park with our awning facing the parking lot.

We always use the Camco 30 Foot Sidewinder Sewer Hose Support to keep the sewer hose off the ground and allowing the fluids to flow in the correct direction.

Put a Camco Dual Flush Rinser connected between the sewer hose and the RV. It is clear so you can see how much water is flowing through the sewer hose. Use a separate hose than your potable water hose to supply water to the dual flusher and adjust the water blast into the hose or toward the RV sewer pipes for a good rinse.

Water and Power

Our 50 Foot Potable Water Hose stays in the water control area for easy connecting and disconnecting when arriving or departing from our spot. 50 feet gives us plenty to reach most potable water sources. We have two incase we need to go further than 50 feet, which happens from time to time.

I like to use a Camco Taste PURE XL RV water filter at the potable water spigot. We like the taste of the water better with the XL compared to the standard size water filter.

Plug a Voltage Protector with Integrated Surge Protection in-between the RV power cable and the power outlet. This make sure the outlet is installed correctly and will save the RV’s electrical system from any power surges.

Tire Chocks and Stabilizers

We place Rubber Tire Chocks on both sides of one tire on each side of our 5th wheel prior to disconnecting the truck from the 5th wheel.

After we’re all set up at our spot, I use X-Chock Wheel Stabilizers to help reduce forward and backward rocking. Once those are in, I set up the King Pin Tripod 5th Wheel Stabilizer to reduce the side to side rocking.


The last thing I do is put out the boot scrubber. It is mounted to a 1 by 2 foot piece of plywood. I put it on the ground catty-corner to the bottom stair. After a storm, we come back from a walk and need a lot of help to clean the bottoms of our shoes.

Video Footage of Faunt Le Roy Park and RV Park

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