Oil/Wax a Wood Cutting Board for longevity!

Oil and Wax A Wooden Cutting Board

When I finally got into a good groove with my YouTube channel and spent the majority of my weeks cooking, I knew I needed to “up” my tools. I started with a knife and after receiving it, I quickly jumped onto Etsy to buy a new cutting board as well. Which in turn turned into several hours on how to oil/wax my new wood cutting board.

Recommended Oil/Wax for a Wood Cutting Board

After weeks of research, and some trial and error, I discovered my absolute favorite oil and wax for wooden cutting board. They are both affordable and very high quality. The best part is both last me months ensuring that I don’t run out quickly.

I highly recommend the following two products:

My Personal Routine for Oiling and Waxing

First things first. Feel free to jump right into my YouTube video for a visual of how to do this entire process. PLEASE don’t let you board get a dry as I did in this video. I had held off on taking care of my board because I wanted to film. I wish I hadn’t. Hopefully the visuals on how much my cutting board just SUCKED IN the oil helps show you why regular oil and waxing is so important.

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It is important to dump plenty of oil on your board. We are only human, so it’s completely natural to want to start off with a little, but don’t hesitate to add more as needed. A terrycloth towel or a soft washcloth is perfect. One important reminder, you wash the top of your board the most. So, as you move along with oil don’t forget to give it extra care and attention. Additionally, if your board is still looking a bit dry after one coat, don’t be afraid to add another.

When you’ve completed oiling up your board let it sit for 24 hours and let all the oil absorb into the wood.

When the 24-hour sitting period is complete get your board cream out! I like to get mine to the consistency of butter. Same as above, just work that cream into the board. Make sure to focus on the nooks and crannies of your board. This really ensure that bacteria does not get soaked into your wood.

how to oil and wax your wooden cutting board for it's longevity and health
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