The Wild Waynes // 2019 Week 32

I’ve decided to start making a little weekly update on our lives. I would love a place that my kids can look back and read all the fun (and boring) things that we have done.

A few of you might remember about a year ago I decided I wanted to do “project life”. I never got that up and going as an actual “scrapbook”. I do use the Project Life application that I absolutely love, but we will see if I actually get everything printed. (I will get it printed, I know I will, but the kids might be on their way to college).

Instagram gets a lot of our updates (shameless plug for you to follow us; but there is rarely any commentary from me.

So, welcome to TWW 2019 Week 32.

The most important thing that happened this week was Dave’s students graduated. Not only from school, but from their XRay Tech program. These are the first group of students that Dave had from start to finish (the full two years) so they will always hold a special piece of his heart. Graduation also allowed us to get a picture of all 4 of us together – a rare gem.

Something I’ve been aware of is there are TONS of pictures of the kids and Dave, but few of me and them. I am the family photographer, which causes me to be behind that camera more than in front of it.

As I become more and more self aware in this… I feel that it’s really important for me to keep up on this weekly blog. I might not be in all the pictures, but I WILL be in the memories through words. And, you know what? I’m okay with that. <3

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